Freelance writer, editor, copyeditor specializing in literature, academic texts, curriculum development with an emphasis on English/Language Arts and pedagogy. 

A Master of Fine Arts in English and Poetry. Former Poetry Editor of a literary magazine who has edited thousands of pages of poems, corresponded with writers, and compiled multiple issues of an award-winning journal. Meticulous editor with keen attention to grammar, syntax, diction, clarity and fluidity. 

Editorial experience includes Associate Editor and Editor at The Ohio State University's literary magazine, The Journal, and client-based work editing proposals, resumes, cover letters, and manuscripts. 


•    Exceptional writing, proofreading, and copy-editing abilities
•    Strong experience in editing and writing for both print and
     online publications
•    Expertise in MLA & Chicago Styles
•    Expertise in grammar, diction, and syntax
•    Organizing and scheduling work effectively and efficiently,
     juggling multiple projects at once.
•    Providing direction, feedback, constructive criticism, and
      rewrite suggestions
•    Proficiency with Microsoft Word and other programs
•    Excellent ability to work independently
•    Published in over 20 national magazines and literary journals